The simple leaflet

The Visualleaflet is a leaflet for medication, but then visual.


In order to watch a visualleaflet you require by the law a RVG-code or EU-number. This can be found on the casing of the medicine.

Where can I find the RVG code.

The RVG code starts with "EU" and this can be found on the package of your medicine. The location can be different for each medicine.


Indication: Multiple sclerose (MS)
Working substance: Teriflunomide

Aubagio is a medicine prescribed for adults with a form of multiple sclerosis. Aubagio helps protect the central nervous system ... Read more


Indication: Hepatitis C
Working substance: Daclatasvir

Daklinza is a medicine used to treat adults with hepatitis C. Daklinza works by preventing the virus from multiplying in your ... Read more


Indication: Iron overload
Working substance: Deferasirox

Exjade is a product that is prescribed if the level of iron in your body is too high. Your body cannot adequately remove the ... Read more


Indication: Immune thrombocytopenia (ITP)
Working substance: Eltrombopag

Revolade is a medicine used to treat adults and children with immune thrombocytopenia, also known as 'ITP'. People with ITP don't ... Read more